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Customer experiences

“Was fantastic and good  Organized, Black Gospel Night in the Sint Jan in 's Hertogenbosch. Our customers and my colleagues have enjoyed"

Monique van der Sande   / ABN AMRO  Meespierson/ Assistant to Regional Director

“With a lot of creativity  and the real-WOW, the unique Quirky Events, both on Texel and in the Ardennes Spa"

Cleo van  Amersfort-Pinck  / Independent Recruiters Groep BV / Director

"It looked like the Efteling and it was perfectly arranged. Hans Peter is a pleasant  enthusiastic  centipede who set the event in a setting that I will not soon forget"

Lisette den Oudsten-Baas  / ParqGreen, Landal / Estate agent  dupree

“Everything went really well! 

We can look back with great satisfaction on a few beautiful days on the island.

Only enthusiastic reactions from colleagues.

This will continue for the coming weeks, months."

Hans Graas / Evers Steel Constructions BV / Director

"I would like to thank you very much for the beautiful afternoon and evening you gave our team.  

  I received a lot of positive feedback from the teams and it was a very nice day"

Gabriele  Lether / Aegon Bank NV

"Miranda has now successfully helped us with various internal coaching processes for employees. A sharp and quick analysis, an adequate approach and subsequently objective conversations with and good coaching of the employees. In all cases this has led to a satisfactory solution for the employees concerned and me. as an entrepreneur"

Ferry Joiners / LOKO en  SME 365/ Director, Owner

"In honor of our anniversary, we made a wonderful trip to Girona, which all 53 companions were very enthusiastic about. 

Hans Peter and Miranda respond very flexibly to personal wishes and local hurdles. 

A precious memory!"

Herman Broere / VMD Koster / Director

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